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DO’s and Don’ts of Kitchen Remodeling

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Are you thinking of remodeling your kitchen? Are you wondering if it will end up looking like a run-down 70s set from the Brady Bunch or if you’ll end up with style and functionality? There are a lot of things to consider when you’re planning a kitchen remodel. While adding granite countertops, energy-saving appliances and trendy design features sounds attractive, there are some remodeling mistakes that are likely to cost you money in the long run, and leave you unhappy with your renovation. 

When you’re remodeling your kitchen, you have to make a lot of decisions and choices. Here are the top kitchen remodel do’s and don’ts so your renovation comes out on budget—and on budgeted time!

Below are the list of Do’s you should consider while Kitchen Remodeling:

1) Figure out what you want to do before you start the process:

We suggest creating a list of wants, needs and must-haves and taking the time to evaluate what each item is worth financially and how it will affect the design of your kitchen. be sure to sit down with everyone who will be using the kitchen frequently so that their wishes can be considered as well.

2) Hire a professional:

This can be one of the most important parts of any home improvement project because professionals are trained to get projects done, they know building codes and they have access to a network of professionals who they know and trust. Be sure that your kitchen remodeling contractor is licensed, bonded and insured, this protects you from liability if something goes wrong during the course of work. Also, interview three contractors before deciding on one. You want to feel comfortable with them and have confidence in their abilities.

3) Make sure your space has plenty of natural light:

Make sure your space has plenty of natural light. It’s best for your mood and will make the colors in your room pop. Also, it’s better for your plants, if you have any. (Bonus points if you get a skylight!) To achieve this, consider installing larger windows that let in more light. If you’re limited by your home’s layout or don’t want to change out any windows, consider using cabinets that are a lighter color to reflect more light back into the space.

4) Install enough counter space:

Install enough counter space for all the things you want to be able to do in your kitchen. For example, if you bake often, you will want to have enough space for mixing bowls and ingredients. Remember that the counters are going to be where all the food preparation takes place, where everyone will eat, and where everyone will gather to socialize. You’ll want plenty of room for all of those activities. Counter space will help make cooking easier because there is more room for everything, and it will also allow people who are helping make food with you easier access to items they need while

5)  Use high-quality materials:

Replace your countertops with granite; upgrade your cabinetry to solid wood. These are the things that will last, so don’t skimp! Cutting corners on materials is never a good idea. It might seem like it makes financial sense at the time, but in the long run it will only cost you more money and headaches.

6) Think about ventilation when planning your kitchen layout: 

Do think about ventilation when planning your kitchen layout. You probably don’t want to have to lean over a hot stove to open a window, and you’ll want to make sure your stove is far enough away from the window that steam doesn’t fog up the glass. Your ventilation hood or fan should be at least 12 inches in front of your stove to help with air quality while you’re cooking.

Below are the Don’ts you should try to avoid at all cost:

1) DON’T get hung up on trends:

Kitchens are expensive to remodel, so it’s important that yours will still look good five years from now — especially if you hope to sell at some point. Don’t get too trendy with colors or materials or you’ll find yourself with a dated space that no one wants to buy. Instead, use classic materials and colors that won’t go out. If you want a kitchen which suits your work and is not also out of style make sure to discuss your ideas with kitchen design contractors.

2) Put all your appliances in one wall:

Don’t Put all your appliances on one wall. You can put a stove and an oven in the same wall, but anything more than that will make the kitchen look chaotic. Try to spread out the appliances so that each wall has something to offer.

3) Neglect storage space:

You know that old adage, “When you buy something new, throw something away”? It works well in the kitchen. When you’re going through your cabinets, pull things out and decide whether you’ll use them again, or donate them. Then when you begin planning how much cabinet space you’ll need in your new kitchen, consider whether the current cabinet design is actually working for you.

4) Neglect lighting and ventilation in the budgeting process: 

Don’t Neglect lighting and ventilation in the budgeting process. A lot of people overlook these two major components when planning their kitchen renovation. You’ll want to make sure you have plenty of light for cooking and entertaining—and be sure to choose a light that’s bright enough for food preparation but also warm enough for a cozy meal with loved ones. Ventilation is also key—nobody wants fried onions seeping into their clothes after they’ve cooked!

5) Matching Appliances: 

To create a more custom look, don’t match all of your appliances. Instead, mix wood tones or metals for a more individualized look. You can even use appliances that are different colors!

So whether you’re planning a kitchen remodel or just thinking about it- don’t make the mistakes that thousands of homeowners across America make each year. Kitchen Remodels Do’s and Don’ts was written to help you do exactly that. There is so much to consider when remodeling any room in your home and a kitchen remodel is certainly no exception. If you liked this blog and you have made a final decision of remodeling your kitchen and if you’re looking for a kitchen remodeling company in New Jersey feel free to contact Maximus Constructions, We deliver great looking kitchens at great sounding prices!


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